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Are friendship breakups a thing?

Absolutely. Sometimes, the friendships we hope will last so long that we’re picking out college majors, raising kids, and even retiring together end so abruptly that we’re left with emotional whiplash. Experiencing the death of that crucial relationship can feel just as bad as (if not worse than) a romantic breakup because you’re used to the ups and downs of dating, but you never expected to watch your friendship crash and burn with an emotional journey that’s worthy of a Taylor Swift breakup anthem. And Christians are not immune to this kind of heartache. If that’s you and you’re wondering what to do after friendship breakup, you're not alone.

When Best Friends Aren’t Forever by Kristen Reed is a faith-filled, four-week guide for healing that offers a transformative journey from pain to pace, combining heartfelt personal stories with profound biblical wisdom that can help you navigate your friendship breakup.

This healing journey includes:

  • Scripture and prayer prompts throughout to help you keep God at the center of your healing process

  • Biblical wisdom on accepting and evaluating your emotions as part of the healing process

  • Advice on choosing a friendship breakup recovery team of trusted individuals

  • Reminders to engage in Sabbath-inspired self-care activities to nurture both your body and soul


If you’re struggling with accepting that a friendship is over and wondering how to move forward after a friendship breakup, this book is for you. When Best Friends Aren’t Forever is a faith-based guide for those seeking solace, strength, and personal growth. So, grab a journal, pen, and a comforting cup of tea, and get ready to embark first leg of this healing journey from pain to peace.

Two black women who are best friends arguing and having a friendship breakup
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