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2020 Jump Start Guide (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The roaring 2020's are little under a week away, many of us are trying to come up with New Year's resolutions while reflecting on the ups and downs of 2019. That's A LOT to process through while you're still nursing those Christmas dinner food babies. With that in mind, I created this free guide so you can process through this year-to-year transition with God and start 2020 on a strong, faith-filled foot! This New Year guide features the following content:


  • Praising God for what He’s done

  • Life changes you’ve experienced

  • Truth God has taught you


  • Combating worries with truth

  • Goal-setting with God

  • Who you can love better

  • Your spiritual growth plan

Click here or on the cover below to download this guide so you can start your year with clarity and purpose!

Kristen Reed, a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, is an artist, filmmaker, and author from Dallas, Texas. As a Christian, her faith heavily influences her writing and is the driving force in her life. Visit Amazon to discover her books!

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